Appalling DfE error!

For parents who may have seen the recently released School League Tables. Can I reassure you that the quoted pass rate of 65% *A-C (inc English and Maths) is an appalling error. The DfE appear to have inflated the schools population for 2012. They  claim an entry of 49 students, rather than the 34 students that we actually had! These 15 additional students have affected the calculations.

The College results for 2012 remain 94% 5 *A-C (inc. English and Maths).

I will be seeking a redress from the DfE and contacting appropriate agencies, including the press to correct this error. I can appreciate the alarm and impact such negative press can have on the stature of the College, please be reassured that I will be working to make sure  the College is accurately represented locally and nationally.