Anti-Bullying Week – Key Stage 3 Poetry

The national campaign against bullying culminates in a series of high profile events during this week. Parents and students may be aware of messages running through various BBC news reports and stories in the press. The College has themed assemblies over the last few weeks and posters raising pupils awareness have been displayed. The school council will be reviewing the schools anti-bullying policy on Friday and Mr Lickley will be feeding back to them the results of the Anti-bullying Questionnaire issued last week.

In English, Form 7 and Form 7A have been reading ‘The Ghost of Thomas Kempe’, by Penelope Lively. This story tells the tale of a young boy who is threatened and bullied by a ghost from the 17th Century. Two examples of the students work are displayed, it is hoped to publish more in a booklet that will be released to parents next week.

James’ Poem to Thomas Kempe – Libby – Form 7

You’re always here taunt me

And tell me what to do.

The Vicar, Mrs Verity and my family too.

You kicked my dog.

You horrible hog.

So here is my revenge.

Be gone and leave this place.

Please leave in peace the human race.

So on behalf of Oxfordshire,

Be gone you and all of my fear.

Natalia – What Hurts More?

What hurts more a bruise or a bully?

Whats the difference?

Listen up I will tell you..

A bruise is a bump

that turns bright purple

a bruise is something

that will go with time.

So you better not touch it or it will hurt.

A bully is someone who is not happy,

picks on someone just for fun

to relieve his stress now thats quite dumb.

A bully is painful. A bully is mean,

A  bully does damage you cannot repair.

So what hurts more?

A bully or a bruise?

What can you repair and what stays with you?