Air Cadets Assembly

Air Cadets (1)

Four College students belong to the local Air Cadets and, along with their C.O.,they gave a presentation to explain the immense satisfaction they get from being members of a very busy Wing. Boys and girls who have reached their 13th. birthday may join; but even as they approach that day they are welcome to ‘come and see’  St. Mary’s College students are invited to ask questions of our four students or their Wing Chaplain (Fr. Michael). Not so long ago a certain youngster joined Charlton Prep One. The teacher gave the children paper with the heading ‘When I grow up I want to be…….’ and the pupils wrote the rest. Mark Sheppard carefully added ‘I want to be a pilot because I want to fly aeroplane’s  When he approached thirteen he joined the Air Cadets and now….yes he IS a pilot with the R.A.F. Dreams and inspirations CAN come true-and our archives still have the original drawing.

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