Founders’ Day Thorpe Park Trip by T Finch – Year 9

This term everyone turned up for the new term including some new faces in the form of the year sevens. Some of them looked excited for the journey ahead but some of them were feeling like a small fish in a big pond. On the other hand, there were some other new faces in other years as well who seemed to get on well with their peers in their form.

On Friday everyone turned up for school bright and early because everyone
was off to Thorpe Park. This was because it was Founders’ Day and every year we take a trip there. This was my 3rd time going but it was the first time that the new year sevens had gone. On the bus there was a great atmosphere and everyone was super excited for the day ahead. Once we had arrived at Thorpe Park we got given our tickets. We all went into the park and we all separated into our groups all running into different directions trying to get on the big rides before the lines got too long. The time went by really fast and by the time we had gone on some rides the day was gone and everyone arrived back at the Dome, some with big toys and some came back empty handed and then we all got back on the coach back to school and our parents were all waiting for us and I think we all had a good day. Our thanks to Mrs Thom and the rest of the staff for organising the trip.


My first day in the senior depart. by J Cooney – Year 7

The first day; for some people, the most exciting day yet, and for others, the most worrying. Even though I knew exactly what to expect, since I had been well-prepared over all of the transition days and information given to me, I was still a little anxious – after all, it is the first day of senior school, a whole different ball game to just moving up to any other year in primary school. Coming from Charlton was, I appreciate, not nearly as hard as coming from a different school altogether, but it was still pretty daunting. My thoughts were filled with: ‘What if I’m late for class?’ and ‘What if I get lost?’ But all of that vanished within the first period of my day.

Despite my nerves, I was excited for the new adventures ahead. I realized only moments before stepping out onto my front porch on the morning of the first day, that it was going to be so much different to Prep; all new and all different classrooms, all new and all different subjects, all new and all different friends…everything was going to be different, but in a great, refreshing way!

One of the great things that I’ve discovered since being in Nursery at Charlton from the age of 3, is how welcoming everyone is here, especially with all of the amazing teachers. As soon as I set foot in my tutor room, I was greeted with a warm smile & a happy environment – one that anyone given the choice would definitely trade in for their average classroom atmosphere. I know it’s a little cliché to mention, but in the terms of St. Mary’s, it couldn’t be truer!

In other words, my first day at senior school was a huge success, and I think that I speak for all of my fellow Year 7 classmates when I say that I wake up looking forward to what each new day might bring, since every day at St. Mary’s is an adventure; an adventure that I wouldn’t miss for the world.


Open Evening by A Abbas and R Akhtar – Year 7

On Tuesday 8th October 2019, there was an Open Evening for all parents and students to attend. Most of the students attended this fantastic event because we had to help the teachers and give the parents a tour of our wonderful school. There was food available and activities for all ages including some science experiments! We have a range of classrooms, for example: French, Biology, English, Science, Music, Games, Physics, History, Geography, Chemistry , Art, PSHE, Computer Science, PE and RE.

One of the most popular classrooms was French because it had fun activities; a 3D puzzle and, my favourite, the French Cafe! It featured a range of different pastries and bowls of organic fruit, which was very appealing. Madame Ball (the French teacher) was very kind and generous because she let our remarkable journalists have free food!

One of the highlights of our evening was the Physics Lab. There was a rocket which you could launch and even a fire machine!

The most important thing are the Parents’ opinions. All the new parents loved the school and left some outstanding feedback. Some quotes that came from the parents were, “It is nice to meet the pupils” and “The Teachers are very nice and we love meeting the students”. The best quote was “Meeting the journalists was my favourite thing”. We also had an interview with our smart Head of Chemistry, Dr. Jackson, “It’s all action in the Chemistry lab and my favourite thing today is meeting the new parents!”

The students’ favourite department was probably I.C.T. This was because it had a really cool modelling software called sketchup 3D. It’s used by professionals and it’s a really good software for beginner builders. If you want to try it out, then just click this link below.

SketchUp: 3D Design Software | 3D Modeling on the We

I think the students liked this department because it was a technology department, and kids these days are way too addicted to the internet. Don’t you think?


St Mary’s vs Upper Shirley High by T Finch – Year 9

It was St Mary’s under 13’s first football match of the season. Upper Shirley High had kick off and they looked dangerous as they passed it into their striker who skipped passed a defender and scored the opening goal. Nevertheless, it did not take St Mary’s long to get back on level terms with John Paul scoring. After St Mary’s equalizer Upper Shirley High were by far the better team scoring 2 goals and St Mary’s defending was poor.

Half time: St Mary’s 1 – Upper Shirley High – 3

St Mary’s kicked off for the second half looking to get back into the game. Just as St Mary’s were getting into the game the opposition scored and surely St Mary’s were now out of the match, but St Mary’s got back 2 goals against the opposition. However, St Mary’s were getting tired leaving gaps open for the opposition to score 2 further goals.

Full time: St Mary’s 3 – Upper Shirley High – 6


Interested in being a St Mary’s journalist? Contact Mrs Thom for more details.

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