Swimming Gala

Congratulations to all those students that took part in the city swimming gala. We are awaiting the final results from the organisers as to our finishing position.

Individually, special mentions must go to Kathryn Briggs, Jacob Matthews and Penny Adamson who all swam in races against older students in addition to their own age group to fill in for a number of students who dropped out.

Gold – Penny Adamson (Year 7 Butterfly).

Silver: Milo French (Year 9 freestyle), Penny (Year 8 Bk stroke), Jacob Matthew (Year 9 Bk Stroke and Year 8 Freestyle (2).

Bronze: Nico Bray (Year 11 Bk stroke), Seb Patel (Year 11 Breaststroke), Jacob Matthew (Year 9 Butterfly), Kathryn Briggs (Year 9 Butterfly).

Medalists are pictured

Year 7 and Year 8 & 9 Hampshire Track Athletics Competition

It was a tough competition against several larger schools across the County; many with in excess of 1500 students. Nevertheless both the boys and girls competed fantastically well with the following students achieving personal best times in their events:

U15s: Emily Muldoon, Ben Young (1500m), Kathryn Briggs, Josh Abernethy (800m), Oscar Davies (300m) Isobel Waterhouse, Mia Rai, Max Sales (200m), Ellie Smith, Will King (100m).

U13s: Teddy Blake, Boniface Dobell (1000m), Rhett Warnock-Miller (600m), Nicolass Simbolan, Jadan Olszewsk (150m), John Paul Oddoye (80m).


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