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Archive for November 2017

Resilience week – A huge success (part 1)

Last week saw the Prep Department hold their first ever Resilience Week. It was a great success with staff and children alike thoroughly enjoying the activities they took part in. But what was it really all about? Why did we spend a whole week in school focusing on resilience? Surely as parents and teachers we…

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St Mary’s Celebrates Its Founder

Ask any ex-student of St Mary’s Independent School (formerly St Mary’s College) about their most memorable days at school, and it’s a fair bet that  a high percentage will grow misty-eyed and whisper the words ‘Founder’s Day!’. The birthday of the school’s founder – Jean De La Mennais – on 24th November has always been…

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Year 2 show their resilience

Year 2 had a great resilience week, we created our own class superhero to remind us of all the great ways we are now thinking about our learning!  

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Hampshire U16s Table Tennis Finals

Mark Jennings, Benedict Mall, Harry New and Augustin Sorel gained selection to compete for St Mary’s in the Hampshire Table tennis finals.  All students competed fantastically well against the best teams in the County.  All competitors won matches, narrowly missing out making it through to the knock out stages, losing against one school and drawing…

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Founder's day

The mass was really nice because the whole Mennaisian community was together.  It was great to include parents as we are a family school.  We liked singing ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’ and hearing the readings.  It was so special to see the prep students reading with the senior ones. Ending the day with a walk ‘to…

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