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Archive for October 2017

Year 2 encounter a beast

Year 2 discovered some very peculiar things in our classroom this morning! We found poo, eggs, sand and footprints alongside a burnt shirt. We are investigating and writing about it to try and find out what it is….. although we all think it may have been a dragon!

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Year R throw the parents in at the deep end

Monday before the half term break we ran our first workshop for parents in our Reception classes. The parents participated enthusiastically, especially when Mrs McPherson put them in their children’s shoes and made them practice handwriting on the whiteboards, count and sing their numbers and join in phonics games! Feedback has been very positive. One…

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Year 3 go totally tropical

On Wednesday 18th October, we drove up to Newbury and took a step inside a beautiful eco-attraction linked to our topic. The Living Rainforest replicates the humid conditions found in rainforests and is bursting with fascinating plants and animals. We were given a guided tour called ‘Amazing Adaptations’ and spotted blue poison dart frogs, capybaras, pythons and Goeldi monkeys.…

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Prep department prepare for the next cross-country season

Our cross-country runners from years 1-6 have been training every Thursday lunch time for the Southampton Cross-country league. Training sessions have been held at the Sports Centre each Friday after school for the past 4 weeks. The team has done really well and is looking forward to next term when the season begins again.

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