Year 7 – Build Your Own Instrument!
This term Year 7 have been investigating the science of sound! They have learnt how sound waves travel and the number of different mechanisms that allow each instrument to produce different pitches. They then put their knowledge to the test by producing their very own instrument to play! The instruments needed to include at least three pitches and a rhythmic element. They sound fantastic, maybe this is the start of a new ‘junk band’!


Year 9 – Electronic Dance Music
This term Year 9 have been putting their ICT skills to the test in music by creating their very own dance tune using FL Studio software! FL Studio has a wide variety of drum beats, loops and samples and coupled with the pupil’s own influences and personal tastes the compositions are sounding incredibly professional so far! The lessons have been partially pupil lead by Alex Schutte in Form 9 (AKA Discbleeder) who is very passionate about music production and has a few years experience of working with the software. Alex has been instructing his peers on how to get the best out the program and inspiring them with his own creations. Well done Alex and Year 9!

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