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Archive for December 2015

Skiing Trip 2015 – Day four

Fourth day of skiing, the resort has worked hard to provide enough snow for all abilities, although the limited number of runs means that the slopes are quite crowded. Both groups have made it to the upper slopes, enjoying their skiing. Aprės ski so far has included a quiz night, won by team “Team”, and…

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Skiing Trip 2015 – Arrival

Arrived safely on Boxing Day after a long journey taking in three countries.  Despite the weather, there is enough snow for skiing to take place, and everyone had a gentle reintroduction.  More challenging slopes will hopefully follow in the next few days.

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End of term disco

Charlton children enjoyed an end-of-term disco which included, dancing, games and a limbo competition. Thank you to the parents who provided a ‘cafe’ area and supervision so that the children could have a really great time.

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Farewall to Mr Brazier

Staff said a fond farewell to Mr Brazier at the end of term. He will be greatly missed and we wish him luck in his new role.

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Poppy appeal

Well done to Charlton House and St Mary’s College who raised a total of £89.15 for the Poppy Appeal charity this year!

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