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Archive for January 2015

The happy day!

Last weeks Year 10 wedding celebration went exceptionally well.  The bridesmaids wore black and red, both wedding cakes looked (and tasted) superb and the happy couples remembered to smile whilst exchanging vows. The re-enactment of the wedding ceremony helps our Year 10 students remember the features of a Catholic Marriage ceremony and emphases the purpose…

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Sainsbury's School Vouchers

It is that time of the year again when ‘Active Kids’ vouchers can be collected from Sainsbury’s to help support the school.  The vouchers pay for invaluable sports equipment which helps increase the Physical Education experience for the students and adds variety to the curriculum.  If you could give your vouchers to your children to…

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Key Stage 3 Information Evening – Support material

Please find attached materials to support the presentation made by Mrs Thom on Monday evening. Please be advised that another short event will be organised to help explain the use of levels in the National Curriculum. Understanding levels and progress: Levels-info-evening-2014 Mrs Thom’s Key Stage 3 Information Evening presentation: Information evening for KS3

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