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Archive for November 2014

St Mary's College Advent Festival

Lord God, we rejoice as  we remember the promise of your Son Jesus. He would be with us to the end of time. His reign will never end. The Advent Wreath is a circle with no beginning and no end: It symbolises the love of Our Lord encircling each one of us And we are safe in…

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Reading in unusual places – photography competition

I like reading because I love the adventure and dreaming that I am a character in the book. Mysteries are my favourite types of books. Reading is important in developing children’s imagination and descriptive writing. A typical example of one of the entries! A huge thank you goes to all you parents/carers who took the…

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A guide to how the Investigatory Skills Assessment (ISA) works in GCSE Science

Our students in Years 9,  10 and 11 will be carrying out their Science controlled assessments over the coming months. These controlled assessments are heavily focussed on the students ability to design and implement investigations, and hence they are called ISAs (Investigatory Skills Assessments). The ISA itself contributes 25% of the available marks for any…

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Learning French is fun!

French lessons are proving to be lots of fun with some classes getting ready for their Strictly debut!!!  Children sang a French counting song which included some fantastic hand actions.  They also sang ‘comme les grenouilles’ in which the children pretended to be jumping frogs.

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Preparing for Founders Day Mass

John de La Mennais sends the Brothers to all parts of the world to found schools, but what happened BEFORE and AFTER? Do join us for Mass 11.15 on Wednesday, 26th to find out and also discover what the others in Year 3 are doing.

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