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Archive for May 2014

A sad farewell!

Work began 8.30am. Tuesday. The surgeon was hoisted upwards and piece by piece the tree was carefully cut. Branches were collected and pulped.( It took three trips to empty the van.) By lunchtime half the work was completed and at mid-afternoon the trailer came to take away the trunk (in four large pieces) The crew…

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Who done it? (again!)

The scene was set once more for an investigation into the theft of the College Sports Trophy. The dubious looking suspects above were interogated by year 5 students from Beechwood school on Friday. Fingerprinting, Soil Analysis, Polygraph and Interview techniques were undertaken to establish who was the likely culprit. The 59 students from year 5…

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Year 4 Science at St Mary's College

Year 4 visited the SMC Science lab today and with the excellent support of Mr Dillard, they investigated Friction and the effects of different materials on grip. As you can see they benefited greatly from the experience and enjoyed using the apparatus. Thanks goes to Father Michael as always for his wonderful photography!

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Year 11 Leavers Liturgy

A formal farewell to the Class of 2014. Year 11 are now officially on study leave and return to the College only to complete their examinations. They say their final farewell on Wednesday 25th June at the College Prom, this year to be held at the Chilworth Manor. Thank you to Fr Michael and Mr…

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Sailing with Stormforce

Pupils from Charlton and St. Mary’s have been enjoying the weather and being out on the water with Stormforce Coaching based at Shamrock Quay. They have been learning to put up sails, tie the various knots, steer, navigate, work as a team….and having a great time! Thanks to Mr. Davey for the photos. Please also…

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