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Year 7 Business Enterprise Day


Developing and Marketing  a Cellular telecommunications network for the Isle Of Wight requires the skills and expertise of an effective team of people. With only a budget of £3 Million our year 7 pupils rose to the challenge. Students became Engineers, Managing Directors, Accountants and Marketing managers; creating and registering their respective companies to present their proposals to the Isle of Wight Council for this tendered contract.

The students learnt that it is not just about learning new skills but working effectively as a team; coping with the pressures of time management and competition that drives UK business. There is little doubt that the commercial ‘buzz’ generated in the College library and corridors was a real indication of how engaged the students were. They produced some fantastic engineering solutions that optimised the capture of towns and villages for their networks while at the same time remaining on budget. The TV, Radio and Poster campaigns were presented, along with the financial and engineering reports during the afternoon.

The contract was eventually awarded to ‘Net4U’, ( Chris Lonnon, Andrew Briggs, Alex Murray, Tom McCarthy and Jordan Rai ) they generated a simple, low cost solution, while demonstrating effective teamwork. The rewards for the company? An operating profit of £14.5 Million within their first year of operation. I think we are all in the wrong business!



Net4U – winning the tender to provide a telecommunications network for the IOW.

Business Enterprise will form part of the curriculum from September 2013

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