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Archive for January 2011

A Taste of Italy

A huge thank-you to Mrs and Mrs Hall (Regina’s Restaurant in Botley)  for their support in creating a new and fresh dining experience for the College students. With the full support of Gill and her staff, Mr Hall used his considerable restaurateur skills to create a broad range of fresh pasta dishes for the students. Staff and students responded…

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Behind the Scenes

This is the part that you don’t get to see. Students, parents and staff work incredibly hard to make sure that the show goes on. Watch this space for further insights.

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St Mary's Young Poets

  Congratulations to all of the above for their winning entries in the Regional round of the ‘Poetry matters’ competition entered last term. Mrs Hyde was justly proud of their achievements and now their names will be entered in to the National finals. Watch this space.

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St Mary's History Projects

What a fantastic effort by Year 8 in their History projects. I assume there was not too much parental involvement and the kitchen and table surfaces are all now cleared of  glue, flour and paper. The History projects always leave me with a fantastic impression of the students and the lengths they will go to…

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