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Archive for March 2009

Battle of the Bands

The following report is by Fahad Siddiqui and Fionn O’ Donovan- year 10 For us, Battle of the Bands 09 has been the best school function we’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was incredible. Lots of people turned up; there were bands from Romsey, Woolston, St George’s, St Anne’s and obviously St Mary’s. A ridiculous number…

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CAFOD Eco Festival

On Friday 6th of March the senior school held an ‘Eco Festival’ to raise funds for CAFOD the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. The following short report is by Ericka Heron- year 7 I thought that the Eco carnival was fantastic everyone got involved even the teachers! The activities were amazing. The chocolate fountain was so yummy, The smoothies were delicious and the Wii games were fantastic.…

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The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

Sir Jasper, 15th Baron Bolligrew (Edward Stennett) and Squire Blackheart (Harry Smith) stole the show as St Mary’s College put on the Robert Bolt play “The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew”. A huge effort had been put in by everyone to make the show such a great production. Particular thanks must go to Dr. Kowaleski and Mrs. M…

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Kristian & Giacomo Race for St. Mary's

The schools top Skiers Kristian Heron & Giacomo Ghislanzoni recently represented St. Mary’s at the British Schoolboys Ski Races held in Meiringen, Switzerland. Competing in both the slalom and GS events the boys were a credit to the schools taking on highly funded competition from the likes of Millfield, Eton and Reeds Academy, to finish well up the field.

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